PersonaPanels Changes the Rules for Customer Research

Do you have a machine learning strategy to help you hear the voice of your customer? Most companies aren’t using machine learning or AI at all yet. PersonaPanels wants you to understand how machine intelligence that is focused on curating authentically modeled consumers can help you: Help you know the wants, needs, and motivations of your customers; Help you hear at speeds unimaginable before now; Help you with depth unmatched by current insight-gathering processes.

As a member of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program, PersonaPanels has access to the most robust retail and shopper data in the world. When we leverage your data with Nielsen data and apply our technology, we create machine learning modeled consumers that can test product and service ideas at speeds unimaginable before now and at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research panels.

We make customer data come alive

PersonaPanels: New Value at High Speed

PersonaPanels employs new learning technology that maximizes the value of big data by curating large, complex data sources and transforming the information into machine learning Personas that can be grouped together into panels (Persona Panels).

The Persona Panels function just as a customer panel should: quickly and, importantly, without bias.

The Persona Panels continually learn and offer an understanding of the research task at hand that is as good, and often better, than traditional research methods. The Personas are free of the human tendency of trying to “please the questioner” then going home and behaving contrary to their stated position.

The Persona Panels, unlike traditional customer panels, never experience response fatigue and can give you an understanding anywhere in the customer’s timeline continuum.

PersonaPanels is powered by TANJO machine learning. Kevin Clark, featured in this video, is a board member of TANJO and an advisor to PersonaPanels. He came up with the original idea of using machine learning to animate research-based Personas.