Exclusive Offer for Nielsen Clients

Insights Monitoring
Exclusively for
Nielsen Clients

PersonaPanels is a member of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program and is one of very few companies that have been granted access to Nielsen’s vast Homescan data, consisting of 65,000 US households. Using this data, we have developed a panel of 25 machine learning bots, called Personas, representing 25 distinct population segments. These Personas are available exclusively to current Nielsen clients and can be accessed immediately and economically.

These 25 Personas function in exactly the same way as our customized Personas, with the exception that they represent total US households rather than segments specific to your company’s brand or product line (Personas that are specific to your needs can be custom-created for you. Contact us to learn how), Once created, Personas are sent out to the Internet where they autonomously select topics to read that are appropriate to their segment’s defined characteristics. Because they are machine learning agents, the material they read becomes integrated into their personalities, influencing their ongoing reading choices. This ability to evolve over time allows you to spot changing consumer preferences and purchase trends.

With Insights Monitoring Exclusively for Nielsen Clients, you can access 1 or as many of the 25 Personas as your business needs, monitoring Personas for 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months. Click here for pricing.

Once you have access to a Persona, you can monitor the following:
• Topics that Personas are reviewing that are trending upward/downward;
• Keywords on which Personas are focused;
• Interest levels associated with topics being read;
• Specific items being read by the Personas.

These Are the 25 Personas That Are Available to Create Your Own Panel for Insights Monitoring
Click on any image to read the Persona’s description