Go to Market Smarter with Millennial Idea Generation
and Market Prediction System

What You Get:

An ideal combination of AI and Human panels of Millennial respondents that allows you to test new product ideas with the right audience to determine which ones will be successful BEFORE you go to market.

What PersonaPanels Does:

  • Helps you make your best decisions with machine-learning bots, known as Animated Personas, created to monitor the trends and interests of US Millennial segments and to use this information to evaluate your new product ideas
  • Tests all the ideas in your pipeline quickly and affordably, allowing you to identify the ideas with the highest level of interest

What FastFocus Does:

  • Shares the ideas that achieved the highest interest levels with a select group of human Millennials
  • Uses virtual currency that puts the respondent into a consumer mindset by investing tokens in ideas that they believe will be most and/or least successful
  • Deploys Market Prediction that creates token scarcity and algorithms that are proven to measure the participant’s level of passion and purchase intent, letting you know which ideas are most likely to succeed in the market

Who Are These Millennials?

Individuals born between 1981 and 1996. Our research has found that they fall into 6 distinct segments, all of which are present in our panel. Click here to view the full panel.

What Is an Animated Persona?

An Animated Persona is a machine learning agent trained to have content consumption interests that match a targeted population segment. Once created, Animated Personas autonomously access the Internet where they keep abreast of content that is of interest to the segment they represent. This ability ensures that the response of Animated Personas to a client’s new product ideas will always reflect current customer preferences.

What Is Interactive Human-Focused Research?

Learning about the people who interact with your brand and using that information to make strategic marketing and product design decisions.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us at info@PersonaPanels.com to set up a time to discuss this service with one of our senior personnel.