Millennial Persona Panel

Millennial Persona Panel 

PersonaPanels has made it easier than ever to experience the exciting new world of AI and machine learning marketing research with minimal investment or risk. We have created an extremely affordable, ready-to-use panel of 6 Personas that represent one of the most sought-after segments of the U.S. population: Millennials.

Personas are machine learning bots that mirror the purchase preferences and expressed desires of targeted market segments. Created from vast reservoirs of data, Personas are active research respondents, able to evaluate your new product ideas and messages quickly and to give you insights into the ever-evolving Millennial market.

Once created, your Millennial Persona Panel will access the Internet, where each of the 6 Personas will autonomously select topics to read that are appropriate to its defined characteristics. Because Personas are machine learning agents, the material they read becomes integrated into their personalities, influencing their ongoing reading choices. This ability to evolve over time allows you to spot changing preferences and purchase trends among Millennials and ensures that their responses to your message tests always reflect current trends and preferences.

With this service, you can Monitor and present Messages to your Millennial Persona Panel.

With Monitoring, you will learn:

  • Topics that Millennial Personas are reviewing that are trending upward/downward;
  • Keywords on which they are focused;
  • Interest levels associated with topics being read;
  • Specific items being read by the Millennial Personas;
  • Websites they are finding interesting.

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With Messaging, you can:

  • Put your new product ideas and messages in front of the Millennial Personas and receive nearly instant responses.

Millennial Personas have several advantages over traditional respondents:

  • Personas are created from data gathered from tens of thousands of households, so your sample size more closely approximates a census than is true with traditional sample sizes, ensuring more accurate research results;
  • Personas are tireless, so the number of messages and ideas they are willing to evaluate is limitless;
  • They never have ebbs and flows in their concentration levels, so their responses to your first idea and your 100th idea are equally valid;
  • They always respond honestly and exhibit no tendency to try to “please the questioner;”
  • They are available any time of the day or night, so they will never cause you to miss a deadline;
  • They will never leak sensitive or proprietary information;
  • They will always respond as if they are seeing an idea or message for the first time, allowing you to test subtle variations of a message or to repeat the same research over extended periods of time to see if results are changing or staying the same.

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These Are the 6 Millennial Personas Available for Instant Use
Click on any image to read the Persona’s description

Do the Right Thing Millennial
“It’s up to me to improve the world”

Tech Geek Millennial
“Everything tech-wise is at my fingertips”

Millennial Moms
“I’m about working out, seeing the world,
and indulging my children”

Environmental Millennials
“It’s about my health & the health of the world”

Don’t Call Me a Millennial
“Business & family are my total focus”

Millennial in Name Only
“Old-school values are important to me”