Millennial Persona Panel


PersonaPanels has made it easier than ever to experience the exciting new world of AI and machine learning marketing research with minimal investment or risk. We have created an extremely affordable, ready-to-use panel of 6 Animated Personas that represent one of the most sought-after segments of the U.S. population: Millennials.

Animated Personas are machine learning bots that mirror the preferences and desires of people in targeted market segments. Created from vast reservoirs of data, Animated Personas are active research respondents, able to evaluate your new product ideas and messages quickly and to give you insights into the ever-evolving Millennial market.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a description of each of the 6 population segments within our Millennial Animated Persona panel. 


Have you ever wished you could run your new product ideas past Millennials at the moment they occur to you?

You can with New Product Pipeline from PersonaPanels.  New Product Pipeline gives you instant responses from our virtual panel of Animated Personas representing millions of millennials.  All in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

With New Product Pipeline, you can:

  • Have access to our full panel of 6 Millennial Animated Personas, each of which is a machine learning virtual respondent representing millions of millennials
  • Receive our Interest Level Scorecard indicating the interest each millennial segment has in each of your new products
  • Access our Importance Testing technique to determine which parts of your new product idea or message are driving interest scores
  • Use insights from our machine learning system and our Importance Testing technique for Concept Optimization in order to maximize your new product’s appeal

With New Product Pipeline, you can choose a DIY platform for instant results or select our full-service option to receive analyses from our expert team of research professionals.

Test all the new products in your pipeline easily, effectively, quickly, affordably, and confidentially with New Product Pipeline.



These Are the 6 Millennial Personas Available for Instant Use
Click on any image to read the Animated Persona’s description

Do the Right Thing Millennials
“It’s up to me to improve the world”

Tech Geek Millennials
“Everything tech-wise is at my fingertips”

Millennial Moms
“I’m about working out, seeing the world,
and indulging my children”

Environmental Millennials
“It’s about my health & the health of the world”

Don’t Call Me a Millennial
“Business & family are my total focus”

Millennials in Name Only
“Old-school values are important to me”