PersonaPanels is a full service firm capable of handling all your research needs, from project design through data analysis and the creation of actionable reports. What distinguishes us is our additional ability to offer you the competitive advantage of Animated Personas.

Animated Personas are machine learning bots that mirror the purchase interests and content consumption patterns of targeted respondent segments. Animated Personas are capable of processing large volumes of information in seconds, allowing you to conduct your research projects at speeds previously unimaginable and at prices competitive with industry norms. While you’ll always want the human touch in projects that require sensory reactions or that test product recall (we know because we’re experts at designing and implementing these projects too), Animated Personas are ideal for many other research needs, such as trend and insights monitoring, message testing, segmentation design, panel development, idea generation, and discrete choice modeling, making Animated Personas ideal for research in industries as diverse as Life Sciences and Consumer Goods, Financial Services and Automotive, or Telecommunications, Technology and Insurance.

Animated Personas have several advantages over traditional respondents, in addition to their amazing speed: they are tireless, so the number of questions they are willing to answer and the length of time they will devote to an exercise is virtually limitless; they never have ebbs and flows in their concentration levels, so their response to your first idea and your 100th idea are equally valid; they always respond honestly and exhibit no tendency to try to “please the questioner;” they are available any time of the day or night so they will never cause you to miss a deadline; they will never leak sensitive or proprietary information; they will always respond as if they are seeing an idea or message for the first time, allowing you to test subtle variations of a single message or to repeat the same research over extended periods of time to see if results are changing or staying consistent (keep in mind that Animated Personas are machine learning agents, so their responses to your ideas and messages can evolve over time – reflecting such things as seasonal preferences or reactions to competitor product launches or recalls).

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