Just like the traditional research world, panels are part of PersonaPanels, with one exception: at PersonaPanels, panels are anything but commodities. We can work with you in two ways when you want to have access to our panels. First, when you want to conduct a one-off research project with a particular objective (e.g., segmentation, messaging, discrete choice, etc.), as you do with panel companies, you can come to us and we can conduct your project using a panel made up of Personas. Second, if you will be conducting multiple research projects with a particular group of respondents (e.g., consumers, physicians), we can build a proprietary panel of Personas that you can access over and over again for your needs.

In addition to being able to provide you with panels made up of Personas, many of of our offerings (such as segmentation, messaging, monitoring, etc.) take advantage of our ability to create Personas that will further your research goals.

PersonaPanels is a full service research firm able to help you with any and all aspects of your research project, from design of your project through actionable analysis of your results.