Canadian Active and Involved Millennials

This segment represents that portion of the younger Millennial audience where there is emphasis on enjoying life today as well as an eye towards planning for the future. This group is generally socially active, whether it be taking beach vacations, dating, traveling internationally, or entertaining and cooking at home. Their eagerness to learn and try new things makes them enthusiast participants in all their chosen activities. At the same time, they appear somewhat sobered by becoming adults and part of the workforce, as issues such as mental health, stress, student debt, and struggles to maintain a strong work/life balance attest. They have approximately $50,000 in assets and rely on others for financial advice. They have a strong desire to save money for the future, an interest in learning more about pensions, and a desire to eliminate their student debt. They also have interest in staying fit and healthy and are looking forward to starting a family. They are very comfortable working with a diverse set of co-workers. This predominantly female group is primarily urban oriented with a very strong presence in Ontario. They have a median age of 29, have never been married, do not own a home, and are well educated (college graduates and beyond). Their preferred credit card is Visa.