Canadian Generation X

Gen X has a median age of 48, is likely to own a home, and has a median household income of $137,500. This segment places importance on maintaining a strong work/life balance in order to establish strong family ties and a secure financial future for themselves and their children. Gen X enjoys family-oriented activities such as preparing family meals, taking family trips to the ocean or beach, and watching movies together at home. They take an active role in their children’s education and are striving to set money aside for their children’s college years as well as for their own retirement, an effort which they sometimes find difficult and stressful. To relieve the pressure, this group engages in physical exercise and other stress management activities. Gen X’s desire for work/life balance causes them to value flexible working hours but also to be involved in their workplace and to have a drive for workplace success. As employees, they are eager to learn new things and have a tendency to question the status quo. Gen X shows a preference for sports drinks and ready-to-drink and specialty cocktails. This segment lives mostly in urban or suburban communities within Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and the Prairies. Their primary asset is their home, which has a median value of $500,000.  Other investments average $125,000 in total value. They are likely to use Visa and Mastercard for credit card purchases.