Canadian Family + Home Millennials

Activities and interests surrounding family are critical to this segment, with a major focus being life at home. They view parenting is an important responsibility, including the education of their children. Inside the home, entertaining and cooking takes place, along with listening to music, watching TV, reading books, watching movies, and playing games, with a family pet being close at hand. They have interest in beauty products as well as healthy beverages which include milk products, yogurt and smoothies. While family vacations are important, saving money is never far from their minds. When they do spend money, Mastercard is their primary credit card. This predominantly female group of college graduates has a home with a mortgage, with about half of them having homes valued at $300,000+. While they are more likely to reside in either the urban and suburban areas of Ontario and Quebec, this group is the most geographically dispersed throughout Canada. Their median age is 32, their median household income is $88,000, and about one-third have an average asset value of less than $50,000 beyond the value of their home. In addition to family, work is important to them and they prefer a relaxed workplace with a flexible schedule and diverse co-workers.