Canadian Health Focused Millennials

Being health conscious, this group is both focused on their mental health – with a keen interest in managing their stress and their sleep – and on their physical health – with interest in maintaining their fitness and spending time outdoors in activities such as gardening. Their focus on health also extends to the health of the planet, expressed especially in concern over climate change. At work, this group seeks a flexible schedule and is comfortable with diverse co-workers. They are homeowners, purchasers of beauty products, and fans of books and music. When they relax, their beverage of choice is hot tea or specialty coffees. This is a predominantly female group of college or university graduates who continue to enjoy learning new things. They may or may not be married and may or may not have children. They reside primarily in the urban areas of Ontario, Quebec and the Prairies. For those with families, family time is important, as are family vacations. Their median age is 32, their median household income is $80,000, and a little more than one-third have less than $100,000 in assets beyond their home. When they think about financial matters, saving money is at the top of their list. When they do spend money, Visa and Mastercard are their primary credit cards.