Younger Millennials
“I’m a digital native who values experience over possessions”

Younger Millennials were born between 1989-1996.  Many are struggling financially, causing them to delay marriage and to live either with their parents or with roommates in rented apartments.  They are “digital natives”–having grown up during the Internet age–and communicate mainly through electronic and digital technologies rather than face-to-face.  They also have a sense of nostalgia for the technologies of their parents’ generation, such as Polaroid film and vinyl records.

Politically, their views most closely align with Generation Z, with a majority wanting government to play a more active role in solving their problems.  They believe that global warming is real and caused by human activities and support social justice and gender equality.  However, they are unwilling, or unable, to pay higher prices for products manufactured in socially or ecologically responsible facilities. 

They value “lifestyle” over “things” and desire work flexibility and a work-life balance.  They enjoy connecting with friends over social networks, playing video games, watching media programs on cable or smart devices, and fitness.