How Are Animated Personas Created
and What Can They Do for You?

PersonaPanels creates machine learning bots, known as Animated Personas, according to your specifications in order to achieve your research goals. We begin by meeting with you to determine the types of people or population segments you would like to use in your research.  Next we work with our AI partner to create Animated Personas that mirror your targeted respondents.  These Animated Personas can be created in a number of ways: we can use your existing segmentation descriptions to model the Animated Personas, we can design traditional segmentation studies for you and then use that data, we can use other data sets created by your company during earlier research studies, we can access data from the 65,000 households made available to us as a Nielsen Connected Partner, and/or we can use data sets derived from other sources.  Once created, your Animated Personas are plugged into the Internet where they autonomously select material appropriate to their designated personality traits and interests. This process ensures that your Animated Personas evolve over time, reflecting current market trends and changing customer preferences as they respond to your product and messaging ideas.  You can monitor your Animated Personas and present ideas to them yourself or we can manage this process for you, delivering fully actionable reports according to time-frames that meet your needs.


PersonaPanels Meets with
You to Determine Your
Research Objectives and
Respondent Needs.


We Then Gather Data or
Segment Descriptions
Relevant to Your Research Goals


And Feed the Information
into Our Machine Learning


To Create Animated Personas
Representing Your
Target Respondents.


The Animated Personas Are Then Sent to the
Internet to Autonomously Select
Material That Interests Them.


You Can Monitor Your Animated Personas and
Present Your Product and Messaging
Ideas to Them Yourself or We Can
Manage This Process for You.


Your Research Objectives Are
Met through Findings from
Animated Personas That We Can Present
to You in an Actionable Report.

To learn more about Animated Personas and what they can do for you, contact us.