What if you could create a research world where community size and feedback are endless? Where you can test respondent reactions with accuracy & speed? Where you can show people your product and messaging ideas as often as you like because they never fatigue, never are biased by earlier research ideas, and are available any time of the day or night?

Now You Can with PersonaPanels!
At the Intersection of Machine Learning and Market Intelligence


PersonaPanels is a new paradigm in market research that uses AI technology to turn data into machine learning agents called Animated Personas.  Once created, Animated Personas access the Internet, where each day they autonomously select material to read that aligns with their defined characteristics.  Because Animated Personas are capable of machine learning, the material they read influences their future reading choices and their reactions to your messaging and product ideas.  This means that Animated Personas not only mirror the preferences of your targeted respondent groups but that their responses are always relevant, reflecting current customer trends.

With PersonaPanels:

You can access modeled respondent groups representing tens of thousands of people

You will have a continuous, up-to-the-minute eye on your target market, allowing new and changing trends to be spotted quickly

You can test all the ideas in your product and messaging pipeline, ensuring that the best ideas always rise to the top

You can trust the results of each of your research tasks since Animated Personas always respond honestly, never trying the “please th questioner”

You can test as many product and messaging ideas as you desire, since Animated Personas do not fatigue and are not influenced by previous concepts or messaging statements

You will maximize privacy since sensitive topics are not being reviewed by humans who could leak them out in unintended ways

You can access your Animated Personas as often as you desire, any time of the day or night

You will experience greater cost efficiencies and improved ROI

Contact us and we’ll show you how Animated Personas can help you better understand people’s wants, needs, and motivations at competitive prices and previously unimaginable speed.