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PersonaPanels has ideal solutions for your research needs.

Whether you’re looking to spot evolving market trends, understand which of your new product ideas are most interesting to your key customers, test proposed advertising messages and refine them for optimal impact, or you have other text-based research needs that require a fast, affordable, and confidential response, PersonaPanels has the right solution for you.

Most of our Services are available in a Full-Service or Do-It-Yourself format.  Contact Us and we’ll help you find the approach that best fits your needs and budget.

Persona Insights Monitoring

Q: How Do I Spot Evolving Market Trends Before They Pass Me By?
A:  Persona Insights Monitoring

Persona Insights Monitoring uses machine learning agents known as Animated Personas to keep an eye on your targeted respondent groups and population segments so that you can spot changing customer interests in real time.

Our service begins when we meet with you to determine the types of respondents you are interested in monitoring.  In many cases, we already will have Animated Personas representing your target market and will be able to make those available for your immediate use.  In other cases, your research needs will be better served through the creation of customized Animated Personas that will be proprietary to your company.  You can see our existing, ready to use, Animated Personas by visiting the Our Panels page of our website.

Once the best Animated Personas for your needs are ready, you will be able to watch their behavior on the Internet, seeing the articles that they are reading and the publications they are frequenting.  By monitoring their choices, you can see the topics that are grabbing their attention and adjust your new product launch or marketing plans accordingly.

Persona Insights Monitoring lets you spot trends as they happen.

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Q: How Do I Know Which of My New Product of Messaging Ideas Has the Best Chance of Success?
A: KnowNow

KnowNow allows you to test all of the new product and messaging ideas at the front end of your innovation cycle quickly and affordably using virtual consumers known as Animated Personas.  Animated Personas are designed to match targeted market audiences and are kept constantly abreast of changing audience interests.  This ensures that Animated Personas respond to your ideas with all the current concerns and evolving perspectives of your selected audience base.

Because Animated Personas are virtual, they are available any time of the day or night, giving you their responses in seconds.  In addition, confidentiality is ensured and ROI is maximized through the elimination of expensive respondent incentives.

If you’ve ever wished you could have your customers in your boardroom, giving you their opinions before you invest money to develop new products, website content, customer letters, email campaigns, brochures, or other targeted messaging, this is the service for you.

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Living Segmentation

Q: How Do I Keep My Segmentation Studies Up to Date without Conducting Expensive New Studies Every Few Years?
A: Living Segmentation

Living Segmentation begins by taking your existing segmentation research and transforming your data into machine learning agents known as Animated Personas.  Once created, these virtual versions of your customer segments are sent out to the Internet, where each day they review articles from a representative selection of the top trafficked sites in the US.  They scan these sites for information that interests them and integrate that information into themselves.  In this way, you are assured that your living segments evolve as your client segments evolve – without the need for additional segmentation studies every few years.

Living Segmentation not only ensures that your segments are constantly up-to-date, it makes those living segments available to you for use in your research.  You can monitor the articles they are reading in order to spot changing customer interests and can use them to test new product ideas, advertising messages, website copy, and other text-based concepts.

Don’t have a segmentation study ready for use?  No problem.  We can review your other research data to create segments for you.  Contact us to see if your existing data can be turned into  Living Segments for your customized research needs.

Millennial Idea Generation and Market Prediction System

Q: How Do I Know Millennial Preferences Quickly and Affordably?
A: Millennial Idea Generation and Market Prediction System

Millennial Idea Generation and Market Prediction System is a joint offering with our partner FastFocus that provides clients with an ideal combination of AI and human panels of Millennial respondents.  This combination allows you to test new product ideas with the right audience to determine which will be successful BEFORE you go to market.

What PersonaPanels does:

    • Helps you make your best decisions with machine-learning agents, known as Animated Personas, created to monitor the trends and interests of US Millennial segments and to use this information to evaluate your new product ideas
    • Tests all the ideas in your pipeline quickly and affordably, allowing you to identify the ideas with the highest overall interest

What FastFocus is:

    • FastFocus is a radically innovative platform built for mobile engagement with a dynamic user experience powered by shopping, dating, gaming, and investment UX best practices.

What FastFocus does:

    • Uses its platform to share the ideas identified by PersonaPanels with a select group of human Millennials
    • Uses virtual currency that puts each respondent into a consumer mindset by investing tokens in ideas that they believe will be most and/or least successful
    • Deploys Market Prediction that creates token scarcity and algorithms that are proven to measure the participant’s level of passion and purchase intent, letting you know which ideas are most likely to succeed in the market.