US Generational Panel

PersonaPanels has made it easier than ever to experience the world of AI and machine learning marketing research with minimal investment or risk. We have created extremely affordable, ready-to-use Synthetic Respondents that represent the most sought-after generational segments of the US population.  Select all the Synthetic Respondents below for the widest possible cross-section of the country or choose only specific Synthetic Respondents for more targeted research.

Synthetic Respondents are machine learning virtual models of targeted population segments. Created from vast reservoirs of data, Synthetic Respondents are active research respondents, able to satisfy many of your most pressing research needs.  For a more detailed look at our services and the needs they can help you meet, visit our Services That Provide Solutions page.

Below Are The Generational Synthetic Respondents Available for Instant Use

Generation Z

Generation Z
“I am technologically adept, pragmatic, and altruistic”


Millennials, Younger
“I’m a digital native who values experiences over possessions”

Millennials, Older
“Family is my priority but high debt makes it hard to save for the future”

Generation X

Generation X
“Work hard/play hard is my motto”

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers, Younger
“I am focused on myself and on my job security”

Baby Boomers, Older
“I believe anything is possible if you work hard enough”