Heartbeat by PersonaPanels

The AI-powered Synthetic Respondent solution from PersonaPanels and Relative Insight

Offering unlimited DIY in-depth interviews and KnowNow message tests for a fixed monthly cost


Synthetic Respondent data can be used to conduct unlimited DIY in-depth interviews with ChatGPT4 and unlimited KnowNow message tests.

Keep your finger on the pulse of market trends with Heartbeat by PersonaPanels, featuring machine-learning Synthetic Respondents representing key US generational segments. PersonaPanels creates these innovative respondents, while Relative Insight’s advanced text analytics extracts valuable insights from their segment-specific interests.

With Heartbeat by PersonaPanels you have access to the following Synthetic Respondents:

  • Generation Z – “I am technologically adept, pragmatic, and altruistic”
  • Millennials – Younger – “I’m a digital native who values experiences over possessions”
  • Millennials – Older – “Family is my priority but high debt makes it hard to save for the future”
  • Generation X – “Work hard play hard is my motto
  • Baby Boomers – Younger – “I’m focused on myself and my job security”
  • Baby Boomers – Older – “I believe anything is possible if you work hard enough”

A bit more about PersonaPanels
and Relative Insight

PersonaPanels revolutionizes market research with AI technology, transforming segmentation data into cutting-edge machine learning agents known as Synthetic Respondents. These Synthetic Respondents access the Internet, selecting daily content that aligns with their defined characteristics. As machine learning agents, Synthetic Respondents’ reading choices evolve over time, keeping them up-to-date with their segments’ trending attitudes and preferences.

Relative Insight utilizes AI-powered natural language processing com-bined with advanced comparative linguistics to analyze text data and drive enhanced contextual understanding. Heartbeat is a Relative Insight product that builds analytical comparisons across time. Heartbeat focuses attention on the most important and insightful elements within the data being generated by PersonaPanels’ Synthetic Respondents in order to help you understand changing respondent trends. The user is then able to deep dive into any topic of interest.


For more information contact:
Patrick J. Gorman
CEO & Founder