Our Partners

Everything 1.11-Group does is about harnessing AI’s magic to craft micro messages that propel brands into unparalleled connections with consumers, reimagining the agency business for an era of limitless possibilities.

SYNTHPanels™, powered by PersonaPanels and TRUEFeel™, is a tool for message testing using Synthetic Respondents, informed by human insights and enhanced by AI capabilities, ensuring that the micro-messages are optimized for impact. Another 1.11 product is called MINDRoute™: Designed for large corporations, this AI-driven product facilitates micro-messaging creation, enabling precise and effective communication, tailored to individual client segments.

PersonaPanels is a member of The Collaborative, a “one-stop-shop” for product launch solutions under one diverse supplier MSA.

With over 30 members and growing, The Collaborative supports clients at every phase of their product lifecycle, from pre-clinical to clinical to pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.  Sherry Fox, The Collaborative’s Chief Connector, helps clients select from one or more member companies, curates integrated solutions, provides a centralized MSA and billing solution, and oversees compliance and performance standards.

PersonaPanels has partnered with Relative Insight to provide a text analytics software solution to the large data sets being generated by our PersonaPanels Monitoring service.

Relative Insight’s technology combines AI-powered natural language processing with advanced comparative linguistics to analyze any source of text data and drive enhanced contextual understandings of target audiences, competitors and trends.

PersonaPanels has partnered with FastFocus to offer clients an ideal combination of AI and human panels of Millennial respondents.

Once a client’s ideas have been tested with PersonaPanels’ Millennial Animated Personas to identify the concepts and messages with the highest level of customer interest, FastFocus shares the top ideas with Millennial human panelists.  Using a radically innovative platform built for mobile engagement, FastFocus predicts customer behavior using virtual currency and scarcity to mimic a real consumer experience, FastFocus requires the respondent to take the time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each idea in relation to the others. This approach enables brands to predict what customers will do, not just learn what they think.  

PersonaPanels uses Ironwood Insights Group’s expertise to create our user-friendly client dashboards.

Ironwood Insights is a team of expert-level insights consultants who solve critical marketing and business problems for forward-thinking companies.  Their integrated services — design > data collection > analysis — marry methodological and analytical rigor with leading-edge technology and innovation to deliver actionable, durable insights and create a lasting competitive advantage for clients.  Ironwood Insights excels at Research Design, Data Collection, Analytics and Reporting. 

PersonaPanels uses Ultisim machine learning technology to provide research solutions on the cutting-edge of market intelligence.

The term “Big Data” has been around for several years. Getting the growing mountain of data into forms that lead to information and actionable intelligence is another matter. Machine learning by Ultisim delivers this actionable intelligence at speeds that match the velocity of business.

Ultisim’s machine learning technology and PersonaPanels’ expertise in market research bring the right balance between humans and automation to optimize client outcomes.