What Is a Synthetic Respondent?

A Synthetic Respondent is a virtual version of a key population segment.  Through machine learning – a technique that allows Synthetic Respondents to “learn” beyond their initial programming – these virtual segments develop interests that match the group they represent.

Synthetic Respondents:

  • Evolve by accessing the Internet and acquiring information that interests them
  • Are affected by what they read and impacted by the world they encounter, allowing you to spot trends as they happen and ensuring that responses to your research tests reflect current segment preferences
  • Let you test as many ideas as you like as often as you like because they never get tired or distracted and are available any time of the day or night
  • Provide you with high confidence in your research results because they never say one thing and do another in an attempt to “please the questioner”
  • Help you stretch your research budget by responding quickly and repeatedly without expensive incentive payments
  • Allow your sample to be representative of your target market, even if that market represents hundreds of thousands or even millions of people
  • Are completely trustworthy — never leaking your proprietary information — allowing you to keep your new product or campaign ideas secret until you’re ready to share them

If you would like to learn more about how Synthetic Respondents can improve your research results, contact us.