Older Millennials
“Family is my priority but high debt makes it hard to save for the future”

Older Millennials were born between 1981 and 1988.  The majority are married, own a house in the suburbs, have 1-2 children, and keep a pet. 

Their formative working years occurred during the economic uncertainties of the Great Recession and the 2020 recession, causing them to value financial security and to worry about wage stagnation.  They express a desire to save money for retirement but also express frustration that a combination of credit card debt, student loans, mortgage payments, and the high cost of living make saving money difficult. 

In addition to financial security, they also want job flexibility, workplace diversity, corporate transparency, and a work-life balance.  They are technologically adept and social media savvy.  In their free time, they engage in family activities, video gaming, watching entertainment programs, and exercising.