Life Sciences

Custom Persona Research

Persona Insights Monitoring

Persona Insights Monitoring uses machine learning bots known as Animated Personas to keep an eye on your targeted groups of physicians, patients, and other health professionals so that you can spot changing medical needs and prescription trends.

Our service begins when we meet with you to determine the types of respondents or population segments you are interested in monitoring.  These Animated Personas can be programmed to represent any respondent segment — from “average” patients to highly trained medical specialist — depending on your research goals.  Animated Personas can be created from a variety of sources, including your existing research data, your existing segmentation descriptions, existing data from other relevant sources, or, because we are a full-service research firm, we can conduct studies for you and then turn that data into Animated Personas.

Once Animated Personas are created, they are sent out to the Internet where they autonomously select material to read that corresponds with their designated traits and preferences.  Because Animated Personas are machine learning agents, they are influenced by the material they encounter in much the same way that traditional respondents are influenced by the world around them. This ability allows Animated Personas to evolve over time, ensuring that they always are “up-to-date” — reflecting the changing needs and knowledge of patients, physicians, and other health professionals.

With Persona Insights Monitoring, you will have an opportunity to see what your Animated Personas are viewing and how they are responding to it.  You will be able to see:

  • Topics that Personas are reviewing that are trending upward/downward;
  • Interest levels associated with trending topics;
  • The full text of articles that are behind the trending topics;
  • Publications where your Animated Personas found the articles that support the trends.

You can monitor this information as often as you like, according to time frames that meet your needs (24 hours, 1 week, 30 days, life of the Persona). Your in-house team can analyze this information for you or PersonaPanels can provide you with analytical results on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

To see a short video on this offering, please watch “How To Use Persona Insights Monitoring“ on the Our Videos page.

Persona Messaging

Persona Messaging combines Persona Insights Monitoring with an ability to test your research messages using automated bots known as Animated Personas.

Once your Animated Personas representing physicians, patients, and other health professionals have been created (as described in Persona Insights Monitoring, above), they are sent out to the Internet where they autonomously select material to read based on their programmed preferences and characteristics.  Because Animated Persons are machine learning agents, material they access and find interesting becomes integrated into their personalities, influencing both their future reading choices and their responses to your research messages.  This ensures that your research results are always reflective of current life science trends and changing patient and doctor preferences.

Animated Personas have many advantages over traditional respondents when it comes to your message testing:

  • There are no limitations on the number of messages you can test since Animated Personas do not fatigue;
  • Animated Personas are not influenced by the messages you have already presented to them, so they are able to react to your first message and your 100th message with the same level of concentration and objectivity;
  • You can afford to continually test your messages and tweak them as necessary since Personas do not require incentives;
  • Animated Personas are available any time of the day or night, accommodating your schedule and allowing you to meet your research deadlines.

These advantages translate into quicker results that use less of your budget, allowing for better decisions that can be implemented faster.

To see a short video on this offering, please watch “How To Use Persona Messaging“ on the Our Videos page.

Living Segmentation

PersonaPanels has elevated segmentation research to an innovative new level through machine learning bots known as Animated Personas.  These Animated Personas can be created using data from thousands of patients or from data sets that feature your targeted physicians or other health professionals, ensuring that they truly reflect the opinions of your targeted segments.

With Living Segmentation, segmentation data:

  • Is always up-to-date so your decisions will never need to depend on aging data;
  • Approaches a census, rather than relying on the smaller sample sizes of traditional research;
  • Is competitively priced;
  • Is able to be reviewed and analyzed at any time, day or night.

Research has shown that there can be significant differences between what people say and what they do.  Animated Personas do not possess this bias and, as a result, valuable if/then queries surrounding hypotheses and conclusions can be made to inform critical business decisions.

Once Animated Personas, representing hundreds and even thousands of health care professionals, have been created, you can place a hypothesis in front of them and receive conclusions that are rank ordered by percentage, revealing the most likely outcome.

Results show an overall picture of possible behaviors, along with the behavior that has the greatest possibility of occurring.

As is the case with all data connected to Personas, if/then statements can be continuously run and monitored over time, providing results at a moment’s notice

These advantages allow for greater confidence in understanding and predicting shifting life science trends, resulting in better decision-making that can positively impact your sales.

Persona Idea Generation

Persona Idea Generation allows you to test all of the ideas in your pipeline quickly and affordably using machine learning bots known as Animated Personas.  Animated Personas are designed to have content consumption interests that match your targeted population segment, such as patients or medical professionals.

Once your Animated Personas have been created, they are sent out to the Internet where they autonomously choose material that is appropriate to their programmed characteristics.  At this point, they are ready to review and evaluate your ideas.

The advantages of testing your ideas with Persona Idea Generation are:

  • You can test a nearly unlimited number of ideas since Animated Personas do not fatigue.  This means that good ideas which may not have made it out of your pipeline in the past can now see the light of day;
  • You can test your ideas quickly and affordably since Animated Personas respond in seconds and do not require incentives;
  • You can tweak and retest your ideas as often as you like since Animated Personas are never biased by your previous research;
  • You will maximize your privacy since Personas will never “leak” your ideas.

These advantages translate into quicker results using less of your budget than in the past, allowing for better decisions that can be implemented faster.

Persona Panel Development

Just as in the traditional research world, panels are a vital part of PersonaPanels, with one notable difference: our panels give you the competitive advantage of machine learning bots known as Animated Personas.

With Animated Persona Panel Development, we can offer you two different ways to use Animated Personas in your panel research.  First, we can conduct a one-off research project for you that has a defined objective (for example, a project utilizing segmentation, messaging, discrete choice, etc.). Second, you can have us conduct multiple research projects for you utilizing one or more panel of Animated Personas that have been created to meet your ongoing research objectives (for instance, panels of “average” patients, panels of patients with specialized conditions, panels of doctors or other medical specialists, etc.). And since our Personas are machine learning agents that are continuously evolving along with market and research trends, you can be assured that your Animated Persona panels will be as reflective of your target respondents a year from now as they are today.

There are groundbreaking advantages to using Persona Panel Development for your research needs:

  • Animated Persona research allows for up-to-the-minute results and an opportunity to investigate those results as often as you like so you need never again rely on static, moment-in-time data;
  • Animated Personas can be developed from data representing vast numbers of patients or medical specialists, ensuring that each Animated Persona on your panel fully reflects the segment it represents;
  • Animated Personas do not fatigue and therefore can be exposed to large numbers of research messages or ideas, so instead of trying to figure out what should be included in your research, you can test as many messages and ideas as you want;
  • Because Personas allow you to have access to data as often as you like, you will have continuous opportunities to detect new trends and changing tastes among your target market;
  • Using Animated Personas for your research needs allows you to maximize privacy since sensitive topics are not being reviewed by humans;
  • Animated Persona research allows you to go “back in time” to understand how prior events (e.g. disease outbreaks, medical recalls) impacted the reactions of your panel participants. This means that you always are able to conduct research surrounding important events.

Persona Choice

PersonaPanels lives in a world where discrete choice/conjoint data is always up-to-date and can be analyzed at any time, allowing for greater confidence in understanding shifting behavior and predicting future behavior, resulting in optimal decision-making.

Persona Choice begins by creating machine learning bots known as Animated Personas.  Animated Personas can be created from your existing discrete choice/conjoint data or we can develop a discrete choice/conjoint study for you and convert that data into Animated Personas.

The prerequisite for being able to conduct choice work with Animated Personas is confirmation that the material you wish to feature in your Persona research has been included in prior survey research, with that survey data being part of the information used to build the Animated Persona.

Doing discrete choice/conjoint studies through Persona Choice has the following strong advantages:

  • Because Animated Personas do not fatigue, they provide the game-changing ability to allow significantly greater comprehensiveness of information surrounding the story of a product, showcasing its features and levels — something not possible with traditional discrete choice research due to respondent fatigue and expense
  • Animated Personas do not require incentives so you can afford samples sizes that approach a census, never again needing to rely on small sample sizes that may not be adequately representative of your customers;
  • Discrete choice/conjoint studies using Animated Personas feature data that is always available and up-to-date, allowing analyses to happen as often as you like, ensuring that your data never becomes outdated.  With up-to-date data, you are able to make better decisions that can positively impact your brand and its sales.

PersonaPanels is a full service firm capable of handling all your research needs, whether you prefer research conducted with traditional respondents or are interested in the ground breaking advantages possible with our Animated Personas. Contact us and let us show you how we can satisfy your research needs.

Enterprise Brain: Primary Research

Enterprise Brain is a machine learning system designed to analyze and synthesize how people in an organization work with information.  It shows how information enters your organization by topic or concept, who champions specific ideas and who challenges them, and provides real-time as well as forensic data on how information is processed and decisions are made.

Enterprise Brain depicts information flow through the organization and who the experts are in each particular area and reveals the culture of the organization as sentiment and behavior modes are built by the system. An important usage of Enterprise Brain is increasing group knowledge around a topic more rapidly and synchronizing the way the group thinks and communicates around that knowledge.

Your company no doubt conducts hundreds of qualitative and quantitative market research projects every year and has conducted thousands of them during the past decade. These are conducted with many, many physicians, patients and other health care professionals and could even be conducted on a global basis.

While each individual study is scrutinized for insights, across the multitude of studies completed, how much time is spent looking at and analyzing data? Is it organized in such a way that findings can be gleaned across studies so that value can be extracted through the actual data?

Enterprise Brain has the capability to capture every ounce of qualitative research findings and data from quantitative studies and produce correlations by magnitude of strength for every topic imaginable that was covered in the information, essentially bringing life to research as a whole.

Pharmaceutical companies would then have their research organized in an innovatively efficient way, producing insights that reveal the interrelatedness of data across projects; something that is difficult to achieve today, ultimately bringing greater value to your company.