Canadian Mature and Settled Millennials

This segment represents that portion of the older Millennial audience where stability, family values, and active participation in saving for retirement take priority. The ability to enjoy activities with the family, including vacations and movies at home, is supplemented by other home-focused interests like gardening and cooking. Many members of this segment have children living at home, so parenting and involvement in their children’s education play a vital role in their lives. Their interest in climate change issues as well as in controlling personal debt and planning for retirement reflects their desire to create a better future both for themselves and for their children. Their work is important to them and they are most comfortable in a relaxed workplace setting. While preferring Facebook as their social media outlet, this group also desires more direct, face-to-face communication with friends and family. They are likely to own a home with a mortgage and to have a line of credit. They have a good handle on their overall personal debt and a majority have significant personal assets available through their savings and investments. Their primary credit card is MasterCard and most of this group holds at least one other credit card. Demographically, this group has a median age of 35, is split evenly between males and females, and resides primarily in urban environments such as Ontario and Quebec, although more than 1 of 7 live in rural settings.