Millennial Moms
“I’m about working out, seeing the world, and indulging my children”

Multi-ethnic women, 30-37 years-old, married with children ranging in age from toddler to early teens. They live in urban and suburban areas, may be homemakers or professionals working full-time. They have a median household income of $100,000 and no student debt. They are more likely to be pro-Republican but only somewhat likely to have voted in the last presidential election. Most have at least some college and no interest in going back to school or getting additional job training.

Those that work, like their jobs, are comfortable multi-tasking and working with diverse co-workers, and view a relaxed workplace atmosphere as a top priority.  They value flexible work schedules, are not team-oriented – preferring to be left to figure things out on their own – are not interested in developing friendships with their coworkers or their boss, but communicate well with their workplace associates. Friends and lifestyle are at least as important to them as is their job.

In their personal lives, they are very close with their parents, speaking with them approximately 10 times a week and seeking their advice on personal matters. They do not care about philanthropy, civic engagement, or supporting causes such as environmental protection. They own multiple electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, occasionally communicate in snippets through texting, Facebook, & email, but they prefer face-to-face communication when possible. They seek instant gratification but also set long-term goals. They shop for groceries in grocery stores rather than at convenience stores, valuing price over brand loyalty, and seek restaurants that are fast and casual but also friendly. They prefer home ownership to renting and owning a car is important to them. Working out is very important to them, as is their physical appearance. They like to travel with their family and do so often. Their marriage and their children are the focus of their lives.